i just realized

what an incredibly lonley life it is to be a slut.

i mean… everyone is different.

but to have sex with differrent people to give them yourself and express passion and love, intamacy and bravery of introspective self image.

and not feel a thing afterwards… is impossible.

everyone is different and as humans we deal with life in are own unique way.

but as for me. i would be the most emotional person to everything in life. i would see beautiful things in an over exaggerated romanticized way to overcompensate the loneliness the life style would bring.

i would have passions for other things like i never have before. i would fall in love with life, because falling in love with a man, would be a lost cause.

i would just sit there and cry over something beautiful.

my heart is too big. to be any other way.

i wonder how sluts feel.

do they feel nothing? or would they be like me?

could they even admitt to be being like me, to themselves?

if its the case how do they hide it? and just deal…with it?

 to the heartless, to the ones who lost there heart somewhere along the way.

to biggest hearted… females. im sorry. im sorry life is so fucked up.

theres nothing anyone can can do, its the way it is forever. sad, lonely loveless life. and being sorry doesnt mean anything, wont change anything. but i am SOOO so.. sorry.

to the girls who find true love.

do not, just you, or him a favor

but do this forsaken world a favor.

and hold on to it, keep it, fight for it. deny yourself for it, do what you know is logically best for it.

for the dearest of lives, in the name, and yearning souls

because its rare, much more rare than you could ever hope to have , this love you have, and take for granted.

and if you can honeslty say you dont take it for granted,

bless your heart,


and for the rest we die alone.


I refuse to leave . I’m not gonna give up on us. I love him. Only him. I need him I going to get him back. I’m not taking no for an answer. I will wait and I will not stop trying. No one is gonna stop me not him or myself. Nothing no one fuck everything else un till I get him back. That’s my goal thats my mission and I will not fail . I will not stop. I will not lose him.


Anne Margaret 1966

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Anne Margaret 1966

I don’t hang out with girls for one simple reason

Girls are stupid.

A commercial says

right in

raining so hard right now.

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raining so hard right now.